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Our agency is the voice of many Fortune 500 companies. If you are passionate about providing customer service, building a relations and providing amazing support. Will you be our next voice?

We contract professional and well disciplined agents to provide effective resolutions. Elite Xpertz take pride in contributing to outstanding service and  establishing successful results.

Our answering service agents give you a team of friendly, confident and proficient customer service ready to assist with customer needs. The best part? Our agents are able to strengthen your brand and increase revenue.

All of our agents are college students, single mom, veterans, and entrepreneurial individuals.



College Student, Stay at home mom or dad, Veteran, military wife, unemployed, high school student, single mom or dad, military husband, or retired? Do you need extra income?

How Do i get started?

Check out important information about our phone and computer requirements, for setting up your home office.


ELITE XPERTZ WFH is a virtual  call center  partnered with Fortune 500 companies to assist individuals in working from home. With the rapid advancement in technology, the ability to gain financial needs have become a virtual reality.  It means no hassle, no traffic,  no pressure, being your own boss and pure flexibility. Our company is determined to become the key leader in the customer service industry, developing a strong base for  our customers and build a good reputation. Our mission is to change the workforce,  take ownership of each call , and provide clients with highly effective services.  


 Technology has caused a lot of individuals to be unemployed in this modern generation. Our company have developed a software for our agents to be able to work from home using web based tools. Individuals have the privilege of staying at home instead of commuting to work. Hundreds of our agents are taking Customer Service calls.

All of which have the capability of scheduling their own hours. No more “I don’t feel like going to work” because going to work is just a few steps away.

training development

Training provides substantial contents that utilizes self paced and instructor led courses.  The curriculum is set up for all of our agents to become successful customer service agents. Everyone has the ability to utilize the practice room during training for a better enhancement on what they have learned.

We have transformed the traditional call center.  Ditch brick and mortar and work at home. Stop overpaying your time for just a couple change. Take control of your time and effort.


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