When it comes to taking high quality pictures many of you may not have the budget to do so, much less to get a professional photographer and thats okay.

Here are some tips for taking great quality pictures.

1. Natural Lighting- Majority of small business may be taking pictures from their home. Many sure you open up your blinds, curtains or whatever you may have. Open them up and get some natural light shining inside of your house.  Take your pictures close to a window. Get a clear white backdrop. The main focus should be on your outfit and less of whats in your background.

2. Invest in a photography light. I highly recommend this lighting kit with everything that you need. The lighting kit bulbs are way brighter than a house light which is great for professional pictures.


3. Make sure you have high resolution. All pictures needs to be a high resolution where it looks great on both smartphone and desktop. When you are using a smart phone please dont crop the original pictures because it affects the sizes when its uploaded to the websites.


Tip: I highly recommend  investing in a good camera instead of a smart phone.  Check out our recommended products click here